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Bond Ratings Debt Ratings AAA - Credit Guru
AAA Highest Credit Quality AA Superior Credit Quality A Satisfactory Credit Quality BBB Adequate Credit Quality BB Speculative B Highly Speculative CCC .

What Is A Corporate Credit Rating?
Sep 26, 2009 . Thus, for Fitch IBCA, a "AAA" rating signifies the highest investment grade and means that there is very low credit risk. "AA" represents very high .

Bond credit rating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In investment, the bond credit rating assesses the credit worthiness of a . Standard & Poor's and Fitch assign bond credit ratings of AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, .

United States loses prized AAA credit rating from S&P | Reuters
Aug 6, 2011 . NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States lost its top-tier AAA credit rating . S&P cut the long-term U.S. credit rating by one notch to AA-plus on .

Moody's Credit Rating for each country
The company has a 40% share in the world credit rating market. Moody's ratings: Aaa: Smallest degree of risk; Aa (Aa1, Aa2, Aa3): Very low credit risk; A (A1, A2 .

U.S. Loses AAA Credit Rating as S&P Slams Debt Levels, Political ...
Aug 6, 2011 . Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.'s AAA credit rating for the . The rating may be cut to AA within two years if spending reductions are .

Standard & Poor's Credit Rating for each country
Estonia's credit rating was raised by Standard & Poor's Ratings to the . AAA: The best quality borrowers, reliable and stable; AA: Quality borrowers, a bit higher .

Best's Rating Center - Guide to Best's Issuer Credit Ratings
Jun 12, 2012 . A Best's Issuer Credit Rating is an opinion of an issuer/entity's ability to meet . Ratings from "aa" to "ccc" may be enhanced with a "+" (plus) or . An Outlook is assigned to an interactive Best's Issuer Credit Rating (aaa to c) to .

Your money in a AA-rated U.S. - CNN Money
Aug 2, 2011 . But history shows that when a country loses its AAA credit rating, it's not . " Double A will become the new triple A," says Crane, "because there .

Overview of different credit ratings from Standard & Poor's and ...
Moody's long-term short-term long-term short-term*. Credit Rating. AAA. A1+. Aaa . P1. Highest credit quality, virtually no risk of default. AA+. AA. AA-. A1+. A1+ .

The Credit Rating Crisis
the credit rating crisis of 2007-2008 and in particular describes the collapse of the credit . AA+ and AA tranches are in short supply relative to AAA tranches.

S&P | Ratings Credit Ratings Definitions & FAQs | Americas
Credit ratings can also speak to the credit quality of an individual debt issue, such as a . from 'AAA' to 'D' to communicate the agency's opinion of relative level of credit risk. . Rating. 'AA'—Very strong capacity to meet financial commitments.

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  • AAA Rating Is a Rarity in Business -
    Aug 2, 2011 . More and more, in fact, companies have found that a AAA credit rating is . down the company's credit rating to AA because of the new pension .

Credit Quality Definition | Investopedia
Their credit quality designations range from high ('AAA' to 'AA') to medium ('A' to ' BBB') to low ('BB', 'B', 'CCC', 'CC' to 'C'). Investors interested in the safety of .

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Money Market Funds and Credit ...
    Would a downgrade in the short-term credit rating for U.S. sovereign debt force . An issuer whose long-term rating was downgraded from AAA to AA would still .

    PFD - History of GO Credit Ratings
    The recalibration does not reflect a change in credit quality, or a change in its . Moody's upgraded GO rating from Aa to Aaa, citing restoration of adequate fund .

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    Debt Maturity Structure and Credit Quality
    (i.e., bonds with credit rating ? {AAA, AA+, AA, AA-}) and low-rated bonds (i.e., bonds with credit rating ? {BBB+, BBB, BBB-}). We find that in both subsamples, .

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    AA Bond Rating - What Does It Mean?
    What does it mean if a bond currently has a AA rating? There are three major credit rating agencies - Moody's, S&P and Fitch. . One step below AAA is AA. Now .

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Report to Congress: Credit Rating Standardization Study
requirements with respect to credit rating agencies registered with the U.S. Securities and. Exchange . For example, AAA, AA, A, and BBB each would be a .

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The Folly of S&P | Center for American Progress
Aug 12, 2011 . The Rating Agency Didn't Just Get It Wrong on U.S. Sovereign Debt . U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA-plus after the U.S. markets had closed.

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Ratings Agency Egan-Jones Downgrades US Debt - DailyFinance
3 days ago . Ratings agency Egan-Jones has downgraded its credit rating for US debt one . in April Egan-Jones cut its U.S. credit rating from AA to AA+ "with a . dropping the country's sovereign debt from AAA to AA+ on July 16, 2011.

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Understanding Credit Risk
Rating agencies. Credit Risk, Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings. Investment grade. Highest quality, Aaa, AAA, AAA. High quality (very strong), Aa, AA .

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